Dr. Lena Bojaj Fernandez

Dr. Lena Bojaj Fernandez graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona and is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona. She is the founder and the owner of a thriving healing center, Moringa Natural Health Center in Sun City, Arizona.


Dr. Fernandez utilizes alternative medicine as a means to identify and treat the cause of a disease.


Dr. Fernandez specializes in pain management, geriatric care, sports medicine, and 

healthy aging medicine.


Dr. Fernandez has advanced training in Regenerative Medicine such as Prolotherapy, Prolozone, Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Fernandez also utilizes myofascial release, acupuncture, trigger- point injection, biopuncture, and physical medicine to treat the pain.


In addition, Dr. Fernandez has advanced training in personalized nutrition, natural intravenous therapies, chelation therapies, major-auto hemotherapy/ozone therapy, bioidentical hormones, natural skin rejuvenation, medical aesthetics and biological medicine.

After medical school, Dr. Fernandez completed extensive training in general family care and nutrition in Peoria, Arizona.


Furthermore, Dr. Fernandez treats auto-immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto, grave's disease, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, COPD and women’s & men’s health.


Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Fernandez earned her bachelor’s degree in Life Science with a minor in Chemistry from Arizona State University West in Glendale, Arizona.


Dr. Fernandez spent several years in the research department where she studied the effects of pharmaceutical drugs and other toxins on the human body. She also worked in a pharmacy setting for 7 years as a certified pharmacy technician.


Her unique experience with conventional and alternative therapies proves that Dr. Fernandez is your ideal doctor.



Dr. Fernandez was born and grew up in Kosovo- the central part of the Balkan Peninsula of southeast Europe. Her childhood memories consist of nature surroundings of plants, animals, and alternative medicine on her family farm.


Dr. Fernandez’s favorite hobbies are yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, running and volunteering in her community to bring health awareness.


“Dr. Fernandez empowers her patients by educating and listening to them. She utilizes evidence based and traditional medicine to provide comprehensive treatments tailored to meet individual needs.”


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IV Certification023.jpg
Prototherapy Certificate
Prototherapy Certificate

Where Our Office is Located

We are located at Moringa Natural Health Center

Phone: 623-266-0059

Fax: 623-266-0429

13000 N. 103rd Ave. Ste. 74
Sun City, AZ 85351