Geriatric Care

Chelation Therapy

For decades chelation therapy has been used successfully for patients with vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis as well as heavy metal poisoning.

Chelation therapy is an intravenous therapy using the synthetic amino acid “EDTA” (ethytlene diamine tetra-acetic acid) to bind with metal ions forming a stable heterocyclic ring structure. This in turn transports the toxic metals to the kidneys where upon they are excreted. EDTA has the ability to bond with atoms of calcium, lead, cadmium, mercury, and others as well as some of the trace minerals through the process of chelation.


The FDA has approved chelation as the only treatment for lead poisoning.


Improving circulation by the removal of accumulated build up (plaques) that damage the vascular system throughout the body is a primary benefit for patients with CVD (cardio vascular disease), atherosclerosis, diabetes and other circulatory diseases. During and following chelation therapy, plaques are resolved with the improvement of the removal of the heavy metals and biochemical interactions of nutrients.



In addition to EDTA, patients receive vitamins and minerals in their IV solutions that are essential to optimal health. The doctor will review the basic program of non-smoking, diet, exercise and vitamin and mineral supplementation the patient is expected to follow through out the treatment and as a life style change.




“Dr. Fernandez empowers her patients by educating and listening to them. She utilizes evidence based and traditional medicine to provide comprehensive treatments tailored to meet individual needs.”