Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy (NT) is a complex, safe, and very effective healing system over time. NT has become a traditional European healing system focusing on the health of the autonomic nervous system. The scientific basis of NT rests on a simple neurophysiological base: injury and illness often result in long-lasting dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls and regulates or coregulates most metabolic, immunological, healing, digestive, hormonal, and many other systemic functions. It controls such diverse issues as blood flow, pancreatic enzyme and insulin production, and metabolic activity of the liver. Scars can create abnormal signals that affect the autonomic nervous system and its branches for years after an injury or a surgery.

Toxicity can offset an autonomic ganglion. Unhealed emotional trauma and conflicts can reach autonomic nervous system and change the fine orchestration of impulses flowing in the autonomic nervous system. A simple injection of procaine into the exact location where the abnormal impulses starts can restore order in the system and lead to deep healing, often instantly. It may be an injection into a surgical scar, a ganglion, or a vein.


The development of neural therapy has a long history. It stretches back to the discovery by Vienna’s famous neurologist, Sigmund Freud, of the topical anesthetic effects of cocaine in 1883. Ferdinand Huneke, a German medical doctor is credited with being the father of modern neural therapy. He understood the importance of injecting surgical scars, following his first clinical observation in 1925 of a profound healing reaction after treating an old osteomyelitis scar in a young woman.



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