• Lena Fernandez, NMD

Tips for a restful sleep at night

Sleep deprivation is one of the leading cause of many health issues. Inability to maintain a good night sleep leads to hormonal imbalance, low energy, weight gain, stress, anxiety, irritability and concentration issues.

1. Minimize sleep disturbances by shutting OFF the TV, phones and computers one hour before bed time.

2. Don't read from an iPad to fall asleep

3. Avoid naps during the day

4. Avoid alcohol close to bedtime

5. Have a regular bed time schedule

6. Have a regular meal schedule and avoid heavy meals before bed time. Dinner should be one your lightest meal of the day

7. Get some physical activity every day

8. Limit caffeine intake, none after 2pm

9. Spend some time outside each day during the daylight

10. Avoid drinking liquids one hour before bed time

11. Take a warm bath prior to bed time

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