Success Stories

Dr. Lena Fernandez is a highly committed physician! She is genuine in her care and her knowledge is vast! My father is coming here for treatment of prostate cancer and his PSA levels are dropping and his overall energy has increased! The information and education she provides during our visits is so helpful in truly understanding the root of this illness and how there is hope for healing! My father overall is feeling wonderful and looks forward to each visit! A. Canez



For years, I couldn’t step on my right foot due to excruciating knee pain. Dr. Lena Fernandez gave me prolotherapy on my knee and within minutes, I was able to bend it and walk on it for the first time in years without pain. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Fernandez ~CJ Anderson



I highly recommend Dr Fernandez and her center for natural health care treatments. Having had a foot injury during a round of golf, Dr. Fernandez treated my foot ligaments and tendons with PRP injections to strengthen them. I've had no problems since. Dr Fernandez has also treated a sciatic nerve with acupuncture alleviating all pain. ~R. Clish



I just wanted to send a quick thank you for all your help with the tennis elbow/tendonitis I was dealing with. Your guidance with prolotherapy treatment was instrumental in tremendously reducing my pain level from a level 10 when I first started treatment with you to nearly a 1. I am truly grateful for your expertise. Thank you again! ~D. Feiter



Dr. Fernandez is amazing! I have almost lost 10 pounds since I started seeing her a little over a month and a half ago. Energy is up and started some IV therapies. You have to be proactive in your health care. You have to be willing to follow the program! Small steps equal a big gain in your health in the long run. So don't give up! Nutrition, supplements, exercise therapies, and a good attitude is what you need.

~ L. Shumaker 



Dr. Fernandez is truly a lifesaver.  My whole adult life I have gone to conventional doctors and have been given one prescription after another.  Not once did a doctor take the time to figure out why I continued to need various prescriptions.  I had also been told the only way I would lose weight would be to have lap band surgery.  Over the past few weeks since seeing Dr. Fernandez I feel 100% better.  She has me on new supplements and various IV treatments.  She is attentive and takes the time to listen.  She demonstrates great care for her patients and has their best health and well-being at heart. In addition to feeling better overall, I have been able to lose 15 pounds! ~A. Ballard



My daughter has Autism and after many years visiting different doctors and trying new treatments we found Dr. Fernandez. Finally, we can see positive results on her and most importantly for the first time, my daughter says she is enjoying life.Dr. Fernandez is not the kind of doctor who only prescribes medicine, she not only cares about the patient but also the whole family. Thank you Dr. Fernandez ~ Y. Begazo



Dr. Fernandez has helped me so much with my thyroid and many other issues. I'm on a journey to losing weight with the help of Dr. Fernandez. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you. ~G. Quintero


I love the passion and detailed approached that Dr Fernandez brings to her practice. Not many doctors will care to the level that she does. She instills that she and her office are there for you. They are also available for questions and concerns.  She will be your health advocate and do it the way YOUR body wants to heal the illnesses and not the cookie-cutter approaches of taking pills just to mask your illness.  She is on my team! T. Sacchi